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Guided Spring Turkey Hunts in Nebraska

We offer fully guided spring turkey hunts in Nebraska. Our professional guides are experts in calling in birds and will do all the scouting prior to your arrival, making sure you have a great experience and a successful Nebraska turkey hunt.

The Nebraska Turkey Hunt

The Nebraska Turkey Hunt

When is the spring turkey hunting season in Nebraska?

The spring turkey hunting season in Nebraska for 2024 are as follows:

Archery: March 25-May 31

General Shotgun: April 15-May 31

How we hunt:

We are proud to offer archery or shotgun turkey hunts, and our guides are well versed in tactics well suited for both types of hunting. Hunts will consist of many potential methods of pursuit, constantly adapting to all conditions, including bird behavior. Your guide will aide you in your success in any way they can. 

We will be hunting primarily Merriams turkeys, but there are always a chance for some Merriam/Eastern hybrids given our location.

Hunts we offer:

Potential for 2 birds offered in a 3 day hunt:  $2,000

Potential for 1 bird offered in a 2 day hunt: $1,500


This hunt will not include lodging, but we are more than happy to help you get connected with our local favorites!


A meeting will be had the night before the hunt at guide base camp to allow hunters to become familiar with the area, their guide, and the plans for their upcoming hunt. This will also give you an opportunity to get to know your guide individually, allowing him to better cater the hunt to your specific needs and help insure success.

Other details of the hunt will be provided to you upon the booking your hunt.

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